Contact Us

To contact members of the EECS REFS you may either send an email to eecs-refs [at] mit [dot] edu, which will reach all of us at once, or you may contact us individually.

Please note that if you contact a REFS member individually, it is not guaranteed that (s)he will get back to you immediately. We all try our utmost best to be in constant email contact; however, there are situations (conferences, internships, vacation, etc.) that make this impossible. If you do not hear back from a REFS member, please either contact another member or send an email to the entire group.

Please note that each member of EECS REFS reserves the right to refuse or discontinue a case if he or she feels uncomfortable providing consultation.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Taylor Baum
Frank Weiyang Wang
Zhutian Yang
Aniruddha Nrusimha
Charles Yuan