Join REFS!

EECS REFS is always looking for new members! To apply, please download the application here and follow the steps outlined. If you have any question, please reach out to us at eecs-refs [at] mit [dot] edu 

Following the application and interview stage, but before officially joining EECS REFS are required to attend the forty hour mediation and conflict resolution training. This training is tpyically held twice a year: once during IAP and once in the beginning of the summer. 

Once joined, in addition to serving as a REFS, members attend a monthly meeting to discuss the current status and future direction of the program. During these meetings, recent cases may be discussed (while maintaining confidentiality) as a means of educating all members on particular topics. Members discuss participation in department and Institute activities of interest and also plan independent initiatives; the associated workload is then distributed appropriately. Additionally, EECS REFS meet at least once a year with their faculty advisors to formally discuss the program and noteworthy issues facing the graduate community. The faculty advisors monitor the effectiveness of the EECS REFS program and make recommendations as needed.